Coco Florence on the joy of vintage and antique jewellery

Coco Florence is a celebration of vintage and antique jewels

A champagne diamond from one lover’s proposal in 19th century Paris, beneath the glow of the moon. A diamond bracelet around the wrist of a bride, once worn by her late grandmother. A gold signet ring emblazoned with the family crest, passed down for generations to come. 

The forgotten tales behind centuries-old jewellery is what first ignited Jo Beer’s unwavering love affair with all things that sparkle.


The ‘Zeus’

Now, the longtime collector and professional magpie spends her days seeking one-of-a-kind treasures from every corner of the globe for her jewellery boutique: Coco Florence.

Every ring, bracelet and brooch has been meticulously handpicked by a qualified gemologist for its unique design, craftsmanship and timeless detailing. 


The ‘Gloriana’

Carving a sustainable path in a world of mass production, Coco Florence stands by the notion that you don’t need to buy emeralds to be green.

By investing in antique jewels, the enduring style of handcrafted jewels can be cherished for centuries and generations to come.  


The ‘Violette’

“Antique and vintage jewellery is trending because people are moving away from the ‘vanilla’  and wanting something a little different and unique,” Beer tells Together Journal.  

“With the growing movement towards sustainability, people know that when they purchase vintage or estate jewellery that no new diamonds have had to be mined. This means we’re leaving a far smaller environmental footprint.”


The ‘Feodora’

One antique style in particular has grown in popularity over recent months, the ‘Toi et Moi’ ring. Translated from French to mean ‘You and Me’, the design is a beautiful choice for proposals and romantic gestures alike.  

“There are lots of modern designs available to choose from now but Toi et Moi rings have resurfaced. This unique creation dates back to Napoleon and Joséphine’s love story back in 1796,” Beer explains. “The two stones symbolise two souls becoming one…”


The ‘Aroha’

Napoleon allegedly gave his lover Joséphine a sapphire and diamond Toi et Moi ring, which bore two pear-shaped stones which weighed just under one carat each. 

coco florence aroha ring

The ‘Aroha’

As shown above, Coco Florence’s ‘Aroha’ is an exquisite example of the timeless Toi et Moi style and it’s easy to see why it’s fallen into favour once more.

Cut from 8 carat yellow gold, the romantic silhouette soared in popularity during the 19th century courtesy of the symbolic meaning behind the two gems which sit side by side.

Coco Florence recently sold another French love token which quickly stole the hearts of many admirers on Instagram.

The ‘Amore’

The 14 carat rose gold and black enamel ring (shown above) bears the words ‘Plus Qu’hier Moins Que Demain’ which translates to ‘I love you today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow’.


The ‘Camille’

Other engagement rings which have caught Together Journal’s eye in recent weeks include the ‘Camille’, an 18 carat white gold diamond ring.


The ‘Samara’

While the art deco ‘Samara’ (shown above) is deserving of our attention too courtesy of its striking emeralds.  

Those seeking a little magic for their jewellery box will also be left enchanted by Coco Florence’s magic array of necklaces, bracelets and brooches.

The ‘Etoile’, a handmade 18 carat yellow gold shooting star brooch, captivated our attention from the get-go. 


The ‘Etoile’

A flex of Beer’s incredible talent, the brooch has been reworked so it can also be worn as a dazzling pendant. 

The jewellery house is home to a vast collection of tennis bracelets too which are deserving of everyday wear with 14 carat yellow or white gold colourways on offer. 


A selection of tennis bracelets

Whether you’re seeking an engagement ring or are an avid collector of all things sparkly, Coco Florence is an utter slice of heaven.

Visit Coco Florence online to find out more about the wonderfully unique antique and vintage jewellery boutique.