Cover Couple: Scrap & Lily

Scrap & Lily

Lily Montana + Scrap Wall
Married in Sydney, 2014

Scrap told me he was going to marry me about three weeks into our relationship – we went up to my beach house in Te Ngaere Bay. It was a really amazing trip, we just sat in front of the fire and read books, drank wine and cooked – I think we both felt like we’d found the family we wanted to have with each other.

After that occasionally after a night out there would be more talk of this marriage business – I actually got annoyed! I recall him telling me he was finally going to do it properly on his birthday but by the time the day rolled around I’d completely forgotten. We sat down to lunch at Catalina’s and Scrap’s phone kept ringing and he kept leaving the table to take calls of people wishing him a happy birthday – little did I know he wanted to take the calls in private as he was actually waiting for approval from my father – he’d called him that morning to ask but dad said he’d think about it and call him back! After making him sweat/remembering to call him back, my dad gave his blessing. After lunch, we went out on the balcony for champagne and Scrap slid a little Dior box across the table and asked me to be his wife.

We got married almost two years to the day we first met. We always wanted our wedding to be small – originally we wanted to elope but we also both felt like weddings are just as much for family as they are for the couple and wanted to share our special moment with each of them.


I worked full time up until the day before (we married on a Saturday) and I was back at work on Monday. I didn’t realise what an ordeal it would be, but it was so special and I was so grateful for having my mother there, as she was a huge help in every way possible and we really couldn’t have done it without her.

We married around dusk in a small dance studio overlooking the Sydney harbour and Harbour Bridge. Scrap’s car broke down on the way to the venue. My dad was an hour late to walk me down the aisle. Luckily our celebrant was amazing! She sang our ceremony like a nursery rhyme – this helped lighten the mood though as we thought it was so funny and during moments when we got emotional she would make us laugh.


My dress was Dior (thanks grandma and grandpa!). I saw it and knew straight away it was the one… Probably the easiest bride/dress situation ever.

We only had close family and friends (about 30 guests), then once we sealed the deal we got a bus to Rockpool and had an amazing dinner on the balcony there – the room is something out of Batman’s Gotham! While we were feasting and toasting, our wedding planner was busy transforming the studio into a cocktail party complete with loungers, tables, bar and DJ area. Scrap and I then danced into the room to ‘Gotta Give It Up’ by Marvin Gaye, which by then was filled with around 90 of our nearest and dearest.


It was beautiful – we had florist Doctor Cooper fill the space with the most bright and fragrant flowers, we ate (mini wagyu burgers, mini truffle pizzas and duck tacos), danced and drank our bespoke cocktails until midnight. I didn’t expect being married to change much and it really hasn’t. The only way I can describe it is that it’s like taking a really long deep breath out – sort of relaxing and comforting. We finally became family and it felt like that.

The best things about being married? Scrap is my family, my best friend sometimes he drives me nuts but he makes me so happy. I want to keep learning and growing together and be the best I can be for him. Also, after three years together I really know I can rely on him through the bad times and the good. He’s genuine and honest. He puts up with my stubbornness and I know he is going to be the best father for our son.


Interview: Josie Steenhart
Photography: Karen Ishiguro