Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant

dermalogica hydro masque exfoliant

With newfound time on our hands, many of us mastered the art of self-care in lockdown. With nowhere to be after our 9am Zoom call, afternoon baths and midweek face masks soon became ritual.

But with the return of the work commute, we’ve been searching high and low for a fuss-free skincare product that doesn’t mean skimping on luxury.

Enter: the Dermalogica Hydro Masque Exfoliant.

dermalogica hydro masque exfoliant

Designed to simplify our skincare regime, the five-minute mask exfoliates and hydrates the skin without the need for a shelf-load of products.

Bamboo is a key ingredient here due to its natural exfoliating qualities while Snow Mushroom can hold up to 450 times its own weight in water.  

According to Caroline Parker, Head of Education at Dermalogica New Zealand, we have less than one minute to moisturise after exfoliation.

After that, our skin runs the risk of becoming dehydrated which will compromise its glow. 

dermalogica masque

“The Hydro Masque Exfoliant is an exfoliating masque with bamboo and hydrating spheres that smooth and renew in five minutes for luminous, healthy-looking skin,” she said.

“It’s a great multi-tasking product for those that are time-poor.”

The addition of sugar beets will seal in this moisture by strengthening the skin’s barrier. While cucumber extract leaves a soothing feel that’ll last the evening.

dermalogica hydro masque exfoliant

Massage into the face and neck after cleansing in circular motions. Let the masque activate for between three to five minutes then rinse thoroughly. 

Follow with a moisturiser for a deep pre-bed treatment which can be enjoyed once or twice a week.

It’s not the only must-have product Dermalogica has dropped in recent months either, as we recently reviewed the Retinol Clearing Oil.

Designed to tackle two problems, acne and ageing, it’s another fine example of the skincare giant’s mission to simplify our morning routine.