Ecoya Laundry Collection

Its divine scents and refreshing branding is how Ecoya made a name for itself, so the arrival of a new laundry collection is nothing less than exciting. Ecoya has encapsulated the freshly laundered, clean-linen experience, into easy-to-use everyday products that’ll not only make this routine household task enjoyable but one you look forward to.

This collection has been carefully created to completely transform your laundry routine and we truly believe it does just that. To us, this collection is the true definition of heavenly, as it allows your laundry to take you on a sensory journey that brings calm and peace.

Ecoya is proudly Australasian. Their products are inspired by their heritage and the beautiful elements of nature and the landscapes from within this part of the world. Australasia is the living mood board they draw from and we can how that inspiration has been used and incorporated into this collection.

The team at Together Journal love that this collection is New Zealand made, cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

The Wild Sage & Citrus Laundry Liquid is a fresh and uplifting fragrance that adds a luxurious element to doing a simple chore. The subtle citrus and golden fruits are trailed by notes of lush fig and soothing sage, a gentle scent that creates a calming and peaceful enviroment. This product comes in gorgeous packaging and the editor of Together Journal, Greta Kenyon says she loves that the liquid is not coloured or too harsh on clothes or linen.

The Wild Sage & Citrus Laundry Liquid has been created to gently wash and clean your clothes and linens whilst offering a beautifully subtle scent to your laundry, and we truly believe it does that and more. This product is set to transform the way you do your washing and will take your understanding of clean and fresh laundry to a new level.

Also available in the scent is Ecoya’s Wild Sage & Citrus Laundry Linen Spray created to be used on your freshly laundered linen, or to refresh between washes. “I have used it and this is truly lovely. Very fresh and appealing, it reminds me of the ocean. Highly recommend” Says editor of Together Journal, Greta Kenyon.

Spray a fine mist before ironing, spritz on your bed, fabrics and towelling. It’ll add a little extra luxury to your linen and create a heavenly atmosphere. This product works perfectly in conjunction with the Ecoya Laundry Liquid. Using the products together helps to create a longer-lasting scent.

We love that both of these products are free from nasties.

Remember the old tennis balls in the dryer trick? Well, forget it! Ecoya’s Dryer Balls have been created to bounce about your dryer, preventing bunching, creating airflow and absorbing the moisture of your laundry. The airflow created reduces the overall drying time and when used with the Wild Sage & Citrus Laundry Dryer Ball Fragrance Dropper the balls will subtly fragrance your laundry.

We love the joy of warm laundry fresh from the dryer, and the dryer balls used in conjunction with the oil adds a new layer of satisfaction to this luxurious experience.

Editor of Together Journal, Greta Kenyon said “These made my linen come out of the dryer with way fewer creases. And I have also used on my designer Juliette Hogen down jacket and it came up a treat, beautiful fluffy and just like new, and having the oil to fragrance the balls is an added bonus.”

This collection from Ecoya is everything we hoped for, they have a trusted and reputable name when it comes to scent so of course, we expected nothing less than outstanding, and still, it exceeded that.