Ethique launches Professor Curl and Curliosity bars

ethique curly hair bars

Ethique has launched a new product line scientifically formulated to revive and reinvigorate wavy, curly and coily hair. 

The leading sustainable beauty brand has unveiled two new shampoo and conditioner bars designed to achieve results: the Curliosity solid conditioner & co-wash and Professor Curl solid shampoo.

A carefully crafted blend of ingredients, the powerful duo have been tested on all curl types to perfect their ability to protect and enhance soft, shiny and bouncy hair.

In keeping with the Kiwi brand’s ethos, each vegan product is sustainably sourced and 100% plastic, cruelty and palm oil free. What’s more, they’re packaged in home-compostable homes which will return vital nutrients to the earth. 

The ingredients listed on the backs of shampoo and conditioners these days often contain silicones, sulfates and drying alcohols. In comparison, each Ethique product boasts nourishing shea butter, fair-trade cocoa butter and beet-derived betaine – all of which work together to care for all kinds of curls.

It doesn’t matter how you wash and dry your locks – whether it’s plopping, pineappling, scrunching, diffusing or air-drying – these products are specially designed to care for each unique head of hair.

“We want everyone to be able to give up the bottle and we understand curly hair comes with different requirements to other hair types,” scientist and founder of Ethique, Brianne West, says: “We’re excited to offer the curly community in Aotearoa New Zealand and in our key export markets another option when it comes to plastic-free hair care.”

“Professor Curl is probably one of the best shampoos we’ve ever made – it has a super creamy lather and a really light finish. Curliosity is extra special too – it’s the equivalent of nine bottles of conditioner in one concentrated little bar, which is the best value conditioner out there. It can be used as a conditioner, co-wash or as a leave-in treatment which even our straight-haired friends can use for deep conditioning.”

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