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Being captivated by a beautiful woman is almost always the best plot for a great story. In this case, creator of the Eight & Bob line of perfumes, Albert Fouquet, turned his great story into a perfume that radiates love, femininity, and enchantment. Such a wonderful trio all blended into Fouquet’s Nuît de Megève and one we seriously advocate for a wedding day scent! Another WORLD BEAUTY win!

The way Fouquet’s story begins is magical. Fouquet is invited a ski resort in Megève by his close friend, Nicolas,  who was then hosting a pre-Christmas party. Upon his arrival to the party, he is greeted by his friend who is accompanied by Annique, a gorgeous Hungarian noblewoman. The duo talked all night and after promises of meeting again, Fouquet journeyed back to Paris utterly inspired, thus creating Nuît de Megève. It’s a woody perfume experience combined with fun scents like grapefruit and coffee. It is complete with his ode to the wintry air, the wood-burning fireplace that sparked their affinity for one another, and his love for Annique.

Categories: Beauty-Fragrance: AMOUAGE HONOUR FROM WORLD BEAUTY

More below about Eight & Bob’s mesmerizing Nuît de Megève…

Fouquet had been invited to the home of his friend Nicolás where he was looked after by a charming tailor who went from Megève to Paris every year to visit his best clients and to provide them with custom-made ski clothes for the season. While taking measurements there would be an engaging conversation in which the tailor and Nicolás recounted to Fouquet the delights of Megève. Fouquet already knew that the Baroness Maurice de Rothschild had recently decided to create a ski resort in Megève with more class and greater discretion than those in the Swiss Alps.

Some months later Albert Fouquet was encouraged to accept an invitation from Nicolás to a pre-Christmas dinner he would be hosting in Megève.

On entering his friend’s house, there was his host together with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Nicolás did not delay in introducing him to Annique, a young Austrian who was the daughter of a banker and a Hungarian noblewoman. Reflected in her face was perfection of feminine beauty. Her striking emerald green eyes and her constant smile radiated unparalleled serenity and tenderness. Her height and her deliberate gestures formed part of her natural elegance and her long, black dress set off with discreet jewellery was the epitome of excellent taste.

On his return to Paris, Fouquet wanted to hold on to his memories of that evening without forgetting any part of the magic of Megève: the smell of the mountain air and the wood burning in the fireplace, the ambience created by that select party. He knew that the best way of keeping them alive would be to transform all this into an exquisite aroma that only his extraordinary talent would be able to achieve. And so a new creation of Albert Fouquet was born: Nuit de Megève.

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