Fragrance Files – Shalimar Souffle de Lumière by Guerlain Paris

Categories: Beauty-Fragrance Files - Grandiflora Queen of the Night

It’s no wonder why Jacques Guerlain was inspired to create a perfume line aptly named after the Shalimar gardens The Emperor Shah Jahan dedicated to his wife, Princess Mumtaz Mahal. The gardens evoked the duo’s love and passion for one another, and they were rife with exotic florals culminating into a sweetly smelling experience.

Our editor Greta has had the privilege to sample it and needless to say, she’s in love.

Often I shy away from floral perfumes as they can be too floral or too classic, but Guerlain’s Shalimar Souffle de Lumière has a sensual edge. It’s so easy to wear and it’s quickly become a favourite of mine. The jasmine note is such a lovely scent and I absolutely adore how it’s paired with vanilla. The result is so clean and the hint of bergamot is divine. That addition of citrus is more than enough to help me wear this during the daytime or casually around. Likewise, I can definitely wear this scent out for the evening and it sets a great mood for date nights. When you find a very flexible perfume like this, it’s a must to keep it in your arsenal of great beauty products. It fits my lifestyle of being constantly on the move, while also allowing me to stop and smell the flowers.

A more in-depth look from Guerlain about this timeless scent…

Categories: Beauty-Fragrance Files - Grandiflora Queen of the Night

A floral variation on the vanilla theme expressed by Guerlain since 1925, Shalimar Souffle de Lumière is a passionate ode to jasmine, an enchanting and luminous note beautifully enhanced here in an overdose. Beneath the jasmine, vanilla–Shalimar’s olfactory heart–radiates with its lightly bronzed hue.

Fused with the softness of ylangylang, bergamot sweeps us away to the secret pathways of an exotic, sun-soaked garden. White musk infuses a clear breeze, reminiscent of the optimistic gleam of the sky in the east and offering an unexpected contrast with the muted warmth of benzoin, an almost shadowy oriental note, whose sensuality poets have praised throughout the ages.

Photographed at The White Room Parnell