Issue Five, Together Journal – Our One Year Anniversary Issue!

Welcome to our anniversary issue! It’s one year since we launched Together Journal, and just like a wedding anniversary, we think this should be celebrated. (How fitting is it that the traditional gift for a one-year wedding anniversary is paper?).


Our paper anniversary gift, then, is an abundantly beautiful issue that documents 14 real weddings from all over the globe, which will make your heart skip a beat and may even have you running off to elope. Who wouldn’t want to, after poring over the real-life elopement on our cover, photographed by Tyler Branch.

In this issue, we profile three designers who have pioneered their own fashion brands. Emilia Wickstead, Murray Crane and Grace Loves Lace’s Megan Ziems each talk us through their vision for high quality, handmade custom occasion pieces. We love their passion for the industry, for slow fashion, and for creating garments that last a lifetime.

We also took ourselves on a romantic trip away with our talented fashion team lead by Garth Badger. Our destination was Huka Lodge, a luxurious, elegant lodge that has just been named the third top hotel in the world by Travel + Leisure.

British Artist, Adam Hale spoke to us about using magazines in the collages he posts on the Daily Splice (which have us thinking of art as the perfect wedding gift or for stationary inspiration). Then with celebrations in mind we have reviewed the best in beauty, jewels, flowers, gifting, event style and more. Finally, we assess the enthralling, hectic kingdom of Morocco for its honeymoon potential, and chat to husband and wife team Heidi and Ryan from Forged in the North about life, love and what it’s like to work with your soulmate.

When we started this journey, we knew we wanted to make a difference in the wedding industry. We wanted to inspire people from all over the world to celebrate their love in their own way, true to their own hearts. We wanted to show all the diverse sorts of relationships that are being solemnized, and to honour the part that culture plays in making a union special. We love how different every wedding is, how beautifully personal. A year on, above everything else, these goals still stand strong.

To all of our old friends, new friends and every single person who has in any way supported what we’ve achieved so far: thank you.

TJ x

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