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Hot Blossoms by Jo Malone London arrived in the studio yesterday…

What we think: The first thing to impress are the beautiful coloured glass bottles which we simply adore. They fit perfectly with the fresh vibrant scents within. Both fragrances have the ability to uplift, they are clean and fresh smelling with a festive fun look and the smell makes us think of exotic summertime getaways which is a very welcome daydream in this current chill. The fragrances are bright and fresh so they fit with daytime wear but they also have an element of sensuality which will carry you through for evening too. And with the beautiful limited edition glass vessels, they make the perfect gift.

What Jo Malone London says: Dancing through the streets of Brazil. Laughing. Drumming. Soaked in sunshine. Streaked with colour. Tropical fruits. Flamboyant owers. Cattleya, the queen of orchids. Velvety and enticing. The mouth-watering cherimoya. Juicy and exotic.

Distilled into two vibrant new scents. Cattleya Flower, our first ever Body Mist. Tropical Cherimoya, our firstfruit-inspired Blossom Cologne. Designed to be worn alone or layered together. Available for a limited time from May 28th 2018.

Categories: Beauty-Jo Malone London - Hot Blossoms!

Cattleya Flower Body Mist

A delectable beach-side cocktail. Cattleya, queen of the wild. Sumptuous orchid petals. Fresh and exotically oral. Stirred with sparkling citrus fruit. A splash of bitter gentian. Deepened by intoxicating vetiver. A spritz of pure sunshine. Lightweight yet luxurious, our Body Mist refreshes skin whilst enveloping you in the velvety scent of Cattleya Flower.

Categories: Beauty-Jo Malone London - Hot Blossoms!

Tropical Cherimoya Cologne

A sea of green cherimoya fruit. Basking in the heat. Mouth-watering. Tempting. Topped with juicy pear. The sunfilled notes of passion ower. Warmed by Brazilian copahu resin and creamy tonka bean.

Categories: Beauty-Jo Malone London - Hot Blossoms!

“The inspiration came when I was travelling around Brazil. We loved the flamboyant vibrancy of the owers and the sumptuous textures of the fruits there, so we thought why not create two fragrances instead of one?”– Celine Roux, Jo Malone London Head of Fragrance Development