La Mer Hydrating Infused Emulsion

La Mer was developed by an Aerospace Physicist, originally to cure his own burns sustained in a laboratory accident. It has since developed into one of the worlds most desirable and sought after skincare brands. The dark green packaging and glass bottles are synonymous with luxury and the formulas have time and time again been rated the very best in their categories. When a new product is released the entire beauty industry sits up and takes note…

La Mer’s first emulsion is a delightfully delicate, lightweight fluid that slips onto the surface of the skin like velvet and absorbs quickly and efficiently. It feels wonderfully fresh and satisfying.

You can use the Hydrating Emulsion morning or night, or both. Which you likely will as it’s hard not to fall in love with it. Remove all traces of makeup and cleanse your face first. Two pumps are the perfect amount to cover the face and neck. Apply with fingertips in an upward motion. Once applied leave for 30 seconds to a minute and then apply your (preferably La Mer) moisturiser on top.

The product was five years in development and the ingredients are a highly researched and tested balance of nutrient-rich kelp, soy micromilk, and the iconic cell-renewing Miracle Broth™.

The product is focused on all-day hydration allowing the skin to renew, strengthen and stabilise.

Our editor Greta has been trailing the Hydrating Infused Emulsion for three weeks now and is a fan.

Like all products by La Mer, it has a gorgeously decent feel. The smell is incredible and the texture and absorption rate is impressive. I am thoroughly enjoying using this product, it has very much become a part of my regular routine over the past few weeks and one I will continue with. I have been really looking forward to using it each day, especially in lockdown. It’s a lovely luxurious treat, my skin is responding well and feels hydrated after each use.Greta Kenyon

See the La Mer site or purchase at Mecca