Lancôme’s Absolue

Absolue is Lancôme’s legendary skincare collection infused with the renowned power of Grand Rose Extracts. This exceptional range harnesses the revitalizing power of the Lancôme rose, selected from 20,000 species for its rare regenerative power and we have been one of the lucky ones to trial this fabulously decadent skincare collection.

You might not realise, but it takes 28 days for your skin to regenerate, an important factor to consider if you are a future bride deciding to up your skincare regime in advance of your wedding day. Our advice is to start early or well before your wedding date so your skin will have time to adjust and benefit from anything new. With this in mind we allowed plenty of time (six weeks in fact) to trial this beautifully luxe collection, Absolue by Lancôme.

The newest hero in the collection and one we were very intrigued to try is the new Absolue soft cream, enriched with three roses (the Lancome Rose, Rose Damascena and Centifolia Rose). Its an alternative to the Absolue Rich cream, a-not-so-thick in texture option and perfect for day or night. One thing that we did have to get our heads around was using it as a night cream which is perhaps not as thick as what we were used to using. However new research shows that a thinner cream can be more effective at penetrating the skin so this hesitation is no doubt psychological and based on habit. Its still a very luxurious, gorgeously scented and decadent night cream to use. Skin did feel more hydrated and glowy the more we used it. And its sits beautifully as a base moisturizer under makeup during the day.

We found being able to alternate between the soft cream and the rich cream depending on how the skin felt and environmental factors like exposure to weather or air conditioning etc. was the most beneficial.

Absolue Revitalizing Eye Cream was a favourite, best applied softly iwth fingertips each night just before applying your rich or soft cream. This really is one of the nicest eye creams we have used, its silky soft and skin around the eyes looked more replenished and less puffy after use.

Absolue Revitalizing Eye Serum was a beautiful first steep to apply around the eyes before application of the soft or rich creams both in the evening or for day. We also love the little canister and how easy it is to dispense just the right amount – with no leaks or mess.

The verdict – we have noticed a difference in skin in the six to eight weeks we have been using the Lancôme Absolue products. Skin feels more nourished, it looks brighter and over all appearance is more toned and it feels softer to touch.

The products themselves are beautiful to use, silky to the touch and infused with Lancôme’s signature rose scent. The packaging is also beautiful and helps to deliver an elevated experience. Its going to be hard to move onto anything else after using this gorgeous suite of products.

Available at Smith & Caughey’s and Farmers in New Zealand