L’Essentiel – Foundation Reinvented by Guerlain

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We haven’t been this excited about a foundation in a long time…L’Essentiel – Foundation Reinvented by Guerlain combines covarge and skincare and its made with 97% naturally-derived ingredients with a natural glow finish that lasts for 16 hours – Hello wedding day!

At Together Journal we prefer a healthy natural look so this foundation really resonates with us, it leaves the complexion perfect, luminous and fresh not just on the day you wear it but beyond, its not only a foundation it combines foundation with skincare. The comfortable light texture becomes one with the skin allowing it to still breath. But its also buildable so extra can be applied to any problem areas or for a fuller coverage look for the evening, or if that is what you prefer. And good news for brides, it is developed to provide 16-hours coverage and glow making it a great option for a wedding day or event. Our editor Greta has been wearing this foundation for over a month and its become one of her favourites.

“I don’t like the feeling or the look of wearing too much makeup, L’Essentiel by Guerlain feels light and luminous on the skin, I feel like I’m applying a serum and a foundation at the same time. It gives a beautiful light coverage with a radiant glow. And I love the application brush too”

Categories: Beauty-L'Essentiel - Foundation Reinvented by Guerlain

A duo of extracts derived from red algae and tara gums lets the skin breathe and protects from pollution. White cocoa bean extract moisturises the skin and protects it from harsh blue light*. These ingredients are part of a unique skin system that helps, day after day to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores.

We also love the packaging, its a unique and beautiful bottle created by the designer Mathieu Lehanneur, inspired by the subtle art of balance. It looks like a piece of sculptural art and feels beautiful in the hand with its round edges and feeling of quality. We also love the little application beauty brush. Its wonderfully soft and makes application easy and seamless and the brush folds down and a lid can be applied for hygiene making it the perfect compact travel beauty brush.

Categories: Beauty-L'Essentiel - Foundation Reinvented by Guerlain

We loved it so much we introduced it to our Artist Olivia Wild and used it in our issue 16 Occasion fashion shoot on beautiful model Sakura from 62 Models. Olivia, pictured below used her own brushes below as she does when she is on a job but she reviewed the L’Essentiel brush and thought it was a perfect brush for personal application and to stow in a handbag or cosmetic case.

The editorial preview image below was taken by Jonny Scott, but you will have to wait until issue 16 to see the full editorial, which also features additional Guerlain products. All imagery above was were created by Together Journal.