Mae & Co Creative

Mae & Co Creative is a unique and purposeful design and production agency committed to creating extraordinary and timeless events for clients across the globe and, in our opinion, one of the very best in the world within their space.

Tell us about Mae & Co and what makes you different and special.
Not only do we believe in always creating a completely unique experience and design for each client, but we also genuinely care about people, and we love what we do. While design is what inspires us, our clients are what fuels our passion. We pride ourselves on being able to chat with someone for 5 mins and feel like we already understand exactly what they want and need. We very strongly believe in being good to people and having fun while being professional as hell.

What advice would you give to couples about to start their wedding styling journeys?
I’m always going to say start with a planner. And understand how valuable having a planner in your corner truly is. A good planner will save you time, money, stress, heartache… and more. And on top of finding your dream planner (and putting a priority on finding the best one for you!) I would also say, start saving inspiration! No matter how full-service a planner is, they will want to see what inspires you. 

What key styling elements do you currently love working with and why?
Unique linens, which I know might sound surprising because… linens, right? But I think patterned or textured linen can completely change or create a design. I’m also obsessed with using food in my styling, everything from fruit to cheese to bread to crackers. There are so many ways to elevate a concept by incorporating out-of-the-box elements.

What would you like to see more of in the future? 
Patterned linens :-] But also, I can see us moving away from taper candles and exploring other lighting options. Small lanterns, lamps, etc. I really see a lot of potential here. 

Do you have a favourite event (or events) you have worked on recently, and what made it/them so special for you?
We recently planned a weekend experience for a couple in Malibu, CA, that was inspired by Tuscany, Italy and was just so fun and beautiful; we all walked away feeling sad it was over. The first day was a full carnival setup (I’m talking Ferris wheel, the sizzler, giant slide, prizes, the whole gambit), and the second day was lush, floral focused while also incorporating stone elements, linen signage and artichokes in our styling. It was such an incredible mix of fun, classy, extravagant and timeless. 

What are you most excited about for the future?
As travelling becomes more and more popular, we are seeing so many clients really focusing on creating destination experiences for their guests. With our team specializing in destination events, we are thrilled to be able to plan full weeks and weekends that include activities and unique dinners focused on creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

What and who inspires you and your team?
Honestly, our clients inspire us. Mae&Co couples are one-of-a-kind, and I can honestly say that after a wedding or event is done, we have been known to shed a few tears. We love our clients and how they strive to create something new and different for their guests and, in turn, how they trust us to execute their dreams perfectly. It inspires and motivates us to only be better and better for them.

For more, visit or @maeandco_creative