ManukaRx launches two new pro-aging products

The New Zealand made skincare and skin health brand ManukaRx, has introduced two new luscious and rejuvenating products; a Pro-Aging Cream Cleanser and Pro-Aging Eye Cream made from natural ingredients with a strong focus on sustainability.

It’s so great to see more and more New Zealand beauty brands using local ingredients with a sustainable focus and we were even more thrilled to see the ManukaRx products arrive in fully recyclable packaging.

Using Manuka Oil as their active ingredient, the products have anti-aging, anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties leaving your skin deeply nourished, hydrated and revitalised. Teamed with ManukaRx’s other pro-aging products, they make for a luxuriously natural and restorative skin care regime.

We thought the products had a gorgeous, light feel on the skin as well as a very pleasant scent. We followed the cream cleanser with a few drops of their pro-aging skin oil which gave a dewy, hydrated feel and appearance which we love. We also think these products would fit perfectly into your beauty routine in the lead up to your big day and beyond.

Visit the ManukaRx website HERE and Instagram HERE