OPEN CONVERSATIONS: Swami Yogamani Marriage Celebrant

Today we talk to Swami Yogamani who is a wedding celebrant and loyal friend of Together Journal. So many people know Swami in this industry, and so many of the couples we have featured in the magazine and online have been married by her. Swami has a deep spiritual connection and she explains how she is accepting recent events and our new way of life. As we start day one of our lockdown here in New Zealand Swami’s words and feelings about how we can lean into this period and accept it with an open heart are welcomed.

What are you personally doing at this time to adjust to the current landscape? 

We continue to guard our health as our highest wealth, eating exceptionally well, as to us, food is our medicine, we always do a daily practice (Sadhana) Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra and Meditation keeping our physical, emotional and mental body’s clean, clear and balanced on all levels. It is key for us also to sleep well, our body heals when we sleep, we aim to be device-free when sleeping so our pranic body (Bioplasmic energy field) is not negatively affected and weakened imprinting on our immunity. We have fun and keep light, do the things we still can that bring us joy, and nourishment. Fear weakens the immunity, in my belief. We live in each moment and avoid future tripping, as all we have is this moment. We are being respectful to the requirements that are advised and are strictly adhering to these as they evolve. We are committed to staying informed, so we can make wise choices for all, as the everchanging landscape evolves. 

What feedback are you receiving from your couples

It differs greatly and depending on their, nature, wedding date, and geographical location of course, but certainly, I have received postponements and cancellations.

How are you feeling personally? 

I feel grateful, and blessed, we as humans must learn to adapt, adjust and accommodate with life as change is the only thing inevitable. It is what it is, there is nothing we can do about where we currently find ourselves, but strictly follow the guidelines given, take good care of self and others and one way or another this time too shall pass. If one can surrender into faith and are at peace with our own mortality I feel it makes times like this easier. Of course, it is a time of unease we are in the face of adversity where we see where we really are at as human beings, we can find the opportunities to be compassionate, understanding, kind and generous, giving and supportive, open-hearted, minded and flexible in humility and with fortitude. It warms my heart that for the first time in ages the sky is blue in China, that in Venice the canals are becoming clear and they can see fish, that mother earth is getting a breather to heal after so much destruction we as humans have impacted on our environment for such a continuously long time. I certainly don’t want to sound like I am detracting from the tragic loss of life that is occurring around the world, this is such devastatingly hard time on all levels for all of us as a human race.

Have you implemented anything specifically this week in your business in light of the situation? 

Personally I feel it’s a time where less is more in my particular role as a wedding celebrant, simply I have sent my soon to be wedding couples a kind reassuring email of my adaptability to postponements and cancellations, the last thing people need is more stress in their day. With my Yoga/Meditation centre MYCYOGA.COM we have implemented distance, sanitiser sprays, people are bringing their own Yoga mats and we are working with increasing immunity, detoxifying, balancing the nervous systems and mind, lowering stress, instilling peace and reigniting one’s faith and trust. I am also working a lot online with specific Yoga Therapy sessions.

What messages do you want to get out there to couples planning to marry in the near future? 

It depends, as each couple’s situation is so unique. Ask your self with whatever it is that you are doing is it essential? Be smart with your choices and actions, this pandemic is SERIOUS! But mostly remember to nurture one another, look after your wellness, body, heart and mind, stay informed, follow the guidelines and requirements with respect and sincerity, aim not to be blown about reactionary by the winds of the world, but standing steady in love and grace. Be kind. Stay safe! 

Photograph by Coralee Stone

What do you predict for the future for the wedding sector? 

Love is love baby, and i hope this time too shall pass as quickly as it came. And that more people will be committed to the sincerity, integrity and the sacredness of the ritual of wedding ceremony and celebration and that they have all reconnected and bonded more deeply with their family and friends over these challenging times so the weddings will be bigger, brighter and even more joyous and divine! (If that’s possible! 😉 ) That couples fully honour their hearts desire with their bespoke vision of celebrating their love in what ever is their authentic truth.

What are you thankful for at the moment? 

The simple things, eyesight, able body, hearing, my adult children, my family, my amazing husband, my community, a roof over my head, food in my belly, the gift of life, I am so thank-FULL just for today. 

What are you looking forward to? 

This time passing, a return to normality in some respects a resumption of the celebration of love!

To learn more about Swami Yogamani visit her website here or Instagram here