Together Loves: Origin’s Acupuncture

origins cosmetic acupuncture
Images by Coralee Stone

Growing up, Amy Chen dreamt that one day she would open her very own cosmetic acupuncture clinic just like her father did. After earning more than seven years experience in the health and beauty sector, she combined her two greatest skill sets and founded Origin’s Acupuncture Clinic in Auckland, New Zealand – where she now spends her days doing exactly what she set out to achieve.

With clients from different corners of the country making a beeline for the clinic, Together Journal caught up with Amy to learn more about miso cosmetic acupuncture from what happens at your first appointment to its life-changing benefits. 

“I launched Origin’s Acupuncture to pass on the love from my dad, who was an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner, to the community,” Amy says. “My mission is to help clients find balance and harmony in the body, mind and spirit.”

“I want to let people know that there is a natural way to achieve beauty and to spread the word that external appearance is a manifestation of the internal state of wellbeing.”

Origin’s Acupuncture specialises in relieving a wide range of common concerns through all-natural means from insomnia and fertility challenges to digestive issues. But how does it work?

Each appointment is tailored to meet an individual’s needs. Through pulse and tongue reading, Amy gains an insight into the yin yang balance of body and organ function. There are nine meridian channels, also known as energy pathways, on your face and head area which connect to different organs such as the stomach, liver, small intestine and bladder. Depending upon your concern, certain organs can be regulated when the acupressure points along these meridians are stimulated. 

One of the biggest reasons why clients drop by is to combat visible signs of premature ageing, as cosmetic acupuncture is a non-invasive alternative to botox. It’s a very clever process too, as the insertion of fine needles causes microtrauma which tricks the skin into thinking that it needs to heal what is broken. 

This impressive tactic sparks the production of collagen and elastin, key components needed to reduce signs of ageing. While the stimulation of deep meridians and muscles softens wrinkles, lifts sagging fascia, reduces redness and firms the skin through the increase of blood circulation. 

In turn, the skin is brighter and beautifully hydrated. But this isn’t just beneficial for those concerned about premature ageing, as clients struggling with acne or scarring can also reap the benefits of cosmetic acupuncture. 

So what can clients expect at their first appointment? A large number of us squirm merely hearing the word ‘needle’ but in actual fact, it’s a very calming procedure. Far from the daunting image of a doctor’s room that we have conjured up in our mind, the acupuncture needles used at Origin’s Acupuncture are extraordinarily fine. 

Each needle is gently inserted into the skin, creating an experience so relaxing you may even drift off a little. Think of cosmetic acupuncture as a cross between microneedling and botox but without the side effects, so you can return to your daily routine as normal.

“There’s no need to sweat! I offer a trial treatment where clients can have acupuncture on just half of their face so they can experience the results miso cosmetic acupuncture can bring without committing,” Amy says. “Everyone who has had the trial leaves convinced and comes back for a treatment package!”

After just one session, clients will notice a natural healthy glow and more even-toned complexion. You should expect to book around one to two treatments a week, four to eight times. It’s recommended to continue with the treatment once a month for maintenance purposes. 

“During the treatment, I cleanse the skin before beginning acupuncture. After the needling is done, there will be a 20 to 25 minute needle retaining time, to allow the promoted energy and blood circulation to do its work,” Amy explains. “Then, I take the needles out and finish with a gentle guasha massage.”

Amy’s top tips before you head to the clinic? “Wear no to light makeup, loose clothing and make sure to have eaten a light meal. Last but not least, allow enough time to arrive and come with a relaxed mind.”

Visit Origin’s Acupuncture online or follow @originsacu_nz to find out more.