OtherNature is a New Zealand lifestyle brand harnessing the power of mushrooms to promote personal and planetary health.

We design mushroom-based solutions that are naturally advanced, scientifically grounded, and sustainably crafted in New Zealand to support our state of mind and being.

Mushrooms have been used in eastern medicine for over 5,000 years due to their ability to support us daily in improving appearance, performance and mindfulness. The daily nootropic formulation is designed to actively support deep focus, mental clarity, creativity, and overall brain health. Ingredients include Lion’s mane mushroom, Bacopa, New Zealand sea kelp, L-Theanine and Rhodiola.

The key ingredients in OtherNature have been designed to target the following areas;

Tremella for skin, Cordyceps for energy, Lion’s mane for focus, Reishi for stress and sleep, Chaga for immunity and Turkey tail for gut health.

As a proudly New Zealand brand, OtherNature hold a strong connection to the natural world and a commitment to protecting the health of it. The brand has developed aspirational circular packaging formats with a subscription refill system.

For more information, visit the OtherNature website