Together Journal Style Edit #1 DIGITAL

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Welcome to the very first Together Journal Style Edit. A curated collection of styled settings designed to inspire couples who are about to embark on their wedding journey.

Although vastly different in style, the editorials within share an understated, achievable aesthetic. We favour a lighter touch, scenes that work with the location they are set within and encouraging couples to let their personal style shine through. After all, it’s your own special day, do what you love and what makes you happy!

We have worked to simplify the planning process with intuitive colour palettes, styling tips, wise words from experts, recipes for events, and an abundance of floral mastery.

You will find playlists to set the mood, jewels to temp, stationery to ponder, and designer homeware so delightful it may just end up on your gift registry.

This publication is a collaboration between Together Journal and the many talented individuals and businesses who are constantly pushing creative boundaries and fostering design-lead thinking. We could not be more proud of our wonderful community, it has been pure joy to work alongside so many of you and to celebrate your talents upon these pages.

We hope this edit fills your imagination with new ideas, your hearts with happiness and connects you to dream wedding brands.

TJ x