Real Wedding: Julia & Adam – Photography by Jake Thomas

Our advice to couples getting married – don’t be pregnant, completely gut and renovate a house and plan a wedding at the same time! Make the day is about what you love, and invite who you want to invite not who you think you should invite. People will always understand. Make sure you have good food and good entertainment. It makes the night! Don’t worry about the little things. People won’t notice. But they will notice if you’re not relaxed and enjoying the day. Steal some time away at the end of the night. We went and sat amongst the grapevines and looked at the stars and watched our guests dance from afar – a moment we’ll never forget.



The style of the day was a mix of important traditions and then some personal touches. Adam’s wedding ring was made from his late mother’s engagement and wedding bands with her diamonds. Very sentimental and an amazing tribute to her. My dress was blush pink. I wore a traditional veil but then took my hair out and had a flower crown for the reception. My bridesmaids chose their own dresses. I wanted them to have their own style and surprise me. My only request was they were to be in white.

We kept our vows and the ceremony quite traditional and we had our first dance planned and practiced, which our guests didn’t know about. We wanted to be traditional because we loved that our parents had traditional weddings, but we also wanted it to be unique to our personalities. And anyway you can’t be too traditional when the bride is 19 weeks pregnant!

Photography: Jake Thomas

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Photography: Jake Thomas
Location: Hunter Valley, Australia
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