Shiseido Pop Eye collection

The Shiseido Pop Eye collection is sure to get any makeup lover excited. These products have been carefully created for long-lasting eye looks set to make a statement. The MicroLiner Ink has high-impact pigments that deliver a smudge-proof, saturated, matte colour, while the POP PowderGel Eye Shadow offers superior blendability and delivers waterproof and crease-resistant colour. These are two contrasting products that when used together, work in harmony, creating something remarkable.

Shiseido is a Japanese multinational cosmetic company that offers high-quality products in brightening and anti-ageing skincare, makeup and fragrance. Shiseido believes that beauty is not an image, but a feeling. “We appreciate beauty in diversity and throughout all of humankind. We realize there is still unpleasantness to be found, so we see beauty as an antidote, a place to retreat, a feeling worth sharing – we believe beauty is the unifying source.”

The MicroLiner Ink delivers the utmost precision with thermo-sensory technology that allows this formula to transform from a solid to a liquid upon contact with skin. It’s designed to glide across the eyelids that delivers a weightless, smudge-proof inky line that lasts up to 24 hours. The MicroLiner Ink was inspired by Sumi ink sticks used in traditional Japanese calligraphy. It is available in five shades. We love that this product is long-lasting great for those with busy lives but still want a flawless look.

The POP PowderGel Eye Shadow is a silky-smooth eyeshadow that is easy-to-blend, waterproof and crease-resistant. There are 18 shades that are inspired by the vibrant colours found in Japanese graphic art. Each colour is named after an expressive sound, emotion, or action expressed as onomatopoeia in the Japanese language. This product is set to make a bold statement, assured to ensure and last. We love that this eye shadow is extremely blendable, making it perfect to wear with other shades or just on its own.

Products are Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist-tested.