Emma + Simon by Samantha Donaldson

Simon and I are both super hands-on and always looking for ways to exercise our creativity. Simon is a landscaper and has a deep love for the outdoors, paired with a passion for crafting and building.

Nikita + Matt by Stephan & Nakita

Nikita — I’m a film/commercial producer. Matt owns and runs Shared Space. Our family includes our little boy Arthur and our miniature dachshund, Archie. We met on a blind date in 2014, which was a bit comical as neither of us had been on a blind date before. We ran into a few of Matt’s … Read more

Kyle + Kathryn by Coralee Stone

What’s unique about our relationship is making things work when we’re on different schedules. Our mutual attraction is built on us both being highly ambitious people who want more than the average 9-5. It’s not about climbing the corporate ladder, but doing something every single day that you’re passionate about.

Jonny + Rachel by Frank and Peggy and Brijana Cato

Jonny works in property development and investment and I’m head of brand communications at L’Oréal, so our careers are a big part of our lives. We live in Ponsonby but spend a lot of time travelling and our spare time on our boat, fishing in the Bay of Islands.