Alyssa + Jonnie by Scarlet Oneill

Our starting point: a pastel 70s dance party in the country. We stuck to that concept throughout, aiming for a comfortable, welcoming, and fun atmosphere. Sparkly disco balls, a bouncy castle, and bonfires with s’mores added playful touches and filled everyone with warmth and joy.

Ronnie + Ben by Cedar & Pines

The first thing that stood out was how at ease I felt with her. I felt totally comfortable being myself and cracking dumb jokes that seemed to crack her up.

Paige + Andrew by Sydney Noelle

Paige ——We’re both small business owners from Southern California. I’ve spent the last decade as a destination wedding photographer, while Andrew owns a custom furniture business. We met on Match in 2012. Andrew didn’t actually show up in my matches but I was browsing profiles and stumbled across him. It was his chocolate lab, Yager, … Read more

Laura + Isaac by Alex Mari

We loved having such an intimate guest list as it meant being able to spend quality time with loved ones, without the pressure that comes with a big ceremony.