Designed by Città

Few things please Imogen Tunnicliffe more than a beautifully designed object. If it’s functional and sustainably made, then that’s a design trifecta as far as the Aucklander is concerned.

Issue 29 Gift Wishlist

Whether it be for your partner, friend, family member, or colleague, we’ve got you covered on all your gifting needs with our selection of some of the best gift ideas for celebrating the special people in your life.

Issue 29 Lovely Things

This issue’s Lovely Things features the latest pieces and collections from our favourite brands as well as some new finds that are worth trying out! We’ve also included a few tips on choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes. Read below for more…

Issue 28 Città Gift List

There are lots of options when it comes to picking a gift registry, but we love the chic style and sustainable ethos of Città. Here are 12 stylish items that would be wonderful for your gift list, taking the pressure off friends and family to choose the perfect gift.

Introducing Nevé

Nevé’s collection of mesmerising scented candles and room sprays add style and ambience to our interior spaces, while their wood wicks captivate with their flickering flame, soft crackling sound and long burn time.

Updates from Città

Few brands have distilled the essence of New Zealand aesthetics like Città. One of the most beloved names in local design, Città has brought world-class style to Aotearoa, offering an edited collection of furniture, homewares and designed objects.

Issue 26 Gift Wishlist

Our issue 26 Gift Wishlist has an everyday assortment of essentials with class from artful homewares to wardrobe staples for everyone to enjoy. It’s also perfect if you’re in need for a gift idea for that special someone or if you’re looking for a special piece for your own home.

Issue 25 Gift Wishlist

Our Issue 25 gift wishlist is filled with our top picks for your special someone. With ceramics, vases, furniture and fashion – our gift guide has something for everyone. Gorgeous pastel colours and eclectic prints infuse the pop of colour you didn’t know you needed this spring.