Flora Fashion Issue 13

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Sophia wears Hayes Bridal linen gown with Chaos & Harmony Eternal heels and pearls by Homage Official. Manahou wears silk dress by Marle, slides by Chaos & Harmony and Kailash necklace by Zoe & Morgan. Kieran wears linen jacket, chino trouser, white shirt and pocket square by Working Style, shoes by Barkers.

Gift Wishlist Issue 13

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01. Smeg Mixer from Mildred & Co  02. Citta throws from Paper Plane  03. Deadly Ponies Zorro briefcase in Khaki  04. Parfait glasses from Mildred & Co 05. Citta robes from Paper Plane  | 06. Couple’s yoga mats from Paper Plane 07. Westney Rhind print from Paper Plane 08. Glasswear from Mildred & Co  09. Linden Leaves In Bloom … Read more

Gina and Roger- Photography by Pablo Beglez

We first met at a work meeting. We exchanged names and Roger added me on Facebook, so luckily we had a connection, albeit a small one at that stage. We met again through a mutual friend, and Roger had a feeling that we were meant to be together.

Objects of Desire Issue 13

Cushla Whiting, Sutcliffe, Zoe & Morgan, Crane Brothers, Bario Neal, Monarc, Meadowlark, Jewellers Workshop, Creeps & Violets, Julia De Ville, World, Sam Dunn, Sarah & Sebastian

Creative Lives – Alice Made This

Alice and Ed Walsh are the husband and wife team behind Alice Made This, a British jewellery brand known for its innovative use of industrial engineering techniques borrowed from British factories. They live and work in South London with their young family.