Real Wedding: Fiona & Josh – Photography by Anna Kidman

After being blown off the first time around Josh waited 3 weeks before asking me out for dinner a second time. I figured I’d obviously been in his thoughts for a while so I accepted. I’m so glad he persisted because we have never been apart since that first date!

A Story Worth Telling

Who doesn’t love a good ‘how we met’ story? Perhaps it’s because we get an intimate look at how two people, once strangers, came together after a chance encounter. But I can’t help but notice the amount of tight lips I’ve seen in response to the relatively harmless question. It’s as if we’ve forgotten the … Read more

Down the Track – Aaron & Monita

With his partner Monita, photographer Aaron Sami, a regular contributor to Together Journal, routinely travels the globe, seek- ing adventure, good food and great images. Both raised in New Zealand, with roots in Fiji, they’re currently based in London and have been travelling around Europe, checking out grand capital cities like Vienna, Prague and Edinburgh, … Read more

Fragrance – Issue 8

Amaouage Lilac—Lilac Love by Amouage is the epitome of modern romance. With its mystical charm, it will awaken the princess in all of us. One of our all time favourite blooms, the peony, is paired with lilac, to provide a floral element to the fragrance. It’s the undertones of cocoa bean, sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla, … Read more

Dressing Room Issue 8

Makeup—Bobbi Brown soft coral lip colour pressed lightly on the lips gives a soft, sultry and kissable look. Hair—loose curls are swept up and pinned into a soft and voluminous bun at the back of the head while keeping lift and wave in the front. A style reminiscent of the 1960s but modernised by its … Read more

Florist and Stylist – Shaye Woolford

Shaye Woolford is one of our regular floral contributors, the work she creates is a harmonious blend of structure, interesting texture and tonal colour palettes. Her background lies in the restaurant business. This unconventional path combined with a strong sense of creativity is what we think gives her such a unique style.

Real Wedding: Kylie + Nikki – Photography by Jason Corroto

We’re two fun-loving girls in a family unit of three which includes our four-legged fur baby, Soda. Nikki works as a nurse, Kylie in media – with the rest of our lives we love traveling, camping, having afternoon drinks with friends and family – all the basic joys.