Lato Photography

Since Italy is one of the most popular places to get married, we asked Tommaso and Laura, the talented photographer couple behind Lato Photography, about the beautiful weddings they shoot in their home country.

Natalia + Alessandro by Elisa Rinaldi

 I always thought I would get married covered in lace. I’m Sicilian, it’s one of our traditional crafts! I went to a few different ateliers, tried many lace gowns, and… The spark just wasn’t there. Then we went to a multi-brand atelier in Milan, where I laid my eyes on a simple, sleek princess gown … Read more

Roberta + Sam by Giuliano Lore

Roberta — Well, for many moments I thought we were soulmates, and destiny just wanted us to meet and be together. However, I must say that seeing him play and care so much about our two little neighbours (pretty much our nieces) just sparkled something in my heart, that told me: he is the one, … Read more