Behind The Veil Music

Behind The Veil Music (BTV Music) is a premier entertainment company based in Adelaide, Australia. They are dedicated to transforming weddings into unforgettable celebrations through exceptional live music.

Kauri Bay Boomrock

Discover Kauri Bay Boomrock, one of Auckland’s finest wedding venues. This place boasts stunning New Zealand scenery, sumptuous cuisine, fine wine, and impeccable service.

Emma + Kaleb by Sunday Stories

It’s always just been so easy between us, none of the issues or insecurities either of us had experiences in previous relationships, just love, respect and open communication.

Aleisha Edwards Weddings

Aleisha Edwards Weddings is a Brisbane-based photography and videography team that shoots weddings all over Australia. Led by the passionate Aleisha Edwards, the small team believes in the power of diverse memories, skillfully using both 35mm film and digital formats to immortalize special moments.