Caitlin Crisp

It’s officially here! Caitlin Crisps redefining of the bridesmaid and occasion sector…

Caitlin Crisp Bridal

We are absolutely thrilled to unveil Caitlin Crisp’s debut bridesmaid collection, brimming with excitement and pride. Dive into the exclusive reveal featured in issue #34 and explore the excitement below…

Maryna Cherednikova

Maryna Cherednikova is a passionate photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She finds profound meaning in capturing the stories that unfold behind her lens. For her, each frame is a narrative waiting to be told, a moment frozen in time to be cherished forever.

Partridge Zodiac Collection

Introducing the ethereal marvel of the season: the Partridge Zodiac Collection, making its debut this Thursday, March 21st, to coincide with the celestial symphony of the Zodiac’s awakening.

La Sapphir

Step into the world of “La Saphir,” an enchanting styled shoot meticulously crafted by a hand-selected team led by Planner and Stylist Laura from Pretty in White Events and shot by Teresa from Muse Photography.

Intimate Garden Party

Step into the enchanting world of a botanical garden in Seattle, Washington, where nature’s beauty harmonizes with artistic vision.

Objects of Desire Issue #33

Highlighting the beautiful jewellery showcased in the Objects of Desire editorial section of Issue 33, Together Journal once more offers a curated assortment of essential pieces to elevate your festive attire.

Issue 33 Lovely Things

Explore the most popular items and collections from our preferred brands, as well as irresistible new discoveries that deserve your attention. Prepare to be enthralled by the latest trends and enduring styles!