20 gifts for travel lovers


After a year spent at home, inflight meals and sleepless flights have never appealed more to travel lovers. But with destination holidays on hold right now, we’re all craving a little escapism in the everyday.

Honeymoon – Portugal

Picture you both basking on cliff-fringed beaches, ambling arm in arm along cobbled lanes, joining the fray at lively festivals, admiring incredible history, art and architecture. That’s Portugal, bordered by Spain on two sides and the Atlantic Ocean on the others, offering all this and world-famous custard tarts….

Honeymoon – Bulgaria

When you think ‘Road trip!’, you probably don’t think ‘Bulgaria!’ but you probably should. In Europe, where many countries look like a real-life fairytale…


The creators of the coolest way to display your wedding photos are now offering amazing honeymoons that help to preserve Africa’s most precious places and the animals that live in them. Safari, so good…

Honeymoon Issue 15 – Tunisia, Africa

History, adventure and sun-soaked bliss – Tunisia’s pretty much got it all. Located in Northwest Africa, this picturesque paradise includes part of the Sahara Desert, but its coast is pure Mediterranean magic…

Creative Lives – Cisco & George at The Slow

George Gorrow and Cisco Tschurtschenthaler created The Slow, a modern island escape near one of Bali’s best surf spots, offering accommodation, dining, art and fashion in one immersive experience. It’s a place where you can check out of your life and check back in with yourself.

Honeymoon – Sicily

The lush and prosperous island of Sicily, just a stone’s throw from the tip of Italy’s boot, lies at a physical and cultural juncture between Europe and Africa.

Honeymoon – Rajasthan & Jaipur by Lara Hotz

With its golden palaces and tranquil gardens where peacocks like to strut, there is a sense of grandeur and magic to Jaipur that is unparalleled in India. The Rajasthani capital is steeped in history and culture, and the splendours of its past come to life everywhere you turn. Dubbed the Pink City because of the … Read more

Honeymoon ‘Palm Springs’

For years, Palm Springs was mainly a weekend getaway for the Rat Pack, movie moguls and hip socialites of Los Angeles. But it’s no longer just the Hollywood set who vacay here. The rest of the world has cottoned on to this sunny desert paradise….

Honeymoon – Croatia

Travelling along the Dalmatian Coast past its many neighbouring islands, you can’t help but be entranced by the mountains — their size and scale, their rugged beauty — and by the way they drop so swiftly into the Mediterranean Sea, which stretches away, as far as the eye can see, like a never-ending magical blue … Read more

Honeymoon – Goa

On the south-west tip of India, lapped by the shores of the Arabian Sea and fringed with palm trees lies Goa. After the colourful chaos and assault on the senses which the rest of the country delivers at full force, arriving at this relaxed enclave with kilometres of golden sand beaches is a beloved escape.