The Facialist

With so many options on the market, discovering your ideal skin regime can be overwhelming and stressful, that’s why award-winning, holistic beauty destination, The Facialist, launched a new digital flagship store where consumers can get personalised and complimentary skin prescriptions. 

We’re all about skincare at Together Journal, so naturally, we love this concept and think it’s worth celebrating. We see the F.Store as a solution to helping people access the right skincare, that is best for exactly what they need, ultimately helping people live happier healthier lives.

The team at The Facialist believe to have the best skin of your life, you need to have a plan catered to your exact skin concerns and needs. That’s why they offer treatments and skincare plans that are created individually for each client.

With the F.Store skin-script service, you can experience a prescribed, multi-branded regime with expert-endorsed efficacy, from home. The website is user friendly, informative and aesthetically pleasing.

The F.Store online skin consultations are there to take out the guesswork. Founder Ashleigh Scott and her team of skin experts create the prescribed skincare solutions to get you well on the way to healthy skin and a radiant complexion.

Taking the first step starts with an online questionnaire so the skin experts can get a good understanding of your skin type, your skincare routine and medications or supplements you might take. It’s a quick process but it’s thorough.

Whether you have an elaborate skincare routine or no skincare routine at all, The Facialist is a place where you can always learn and grow more. It can especially be daunting starting out, but we truly believe this is the right place. The experts are free of judgement and genuinely want the best for people and their skin.

Ashleigh knows what’s good. Products are free from harmful ingredients, with naturally potent and planet-friendly formulations, to treat and nourish the skin. This is a woman who has a reputable brand and name and we would feel confident recommending anyone, knowing she and her team of experts will take good care of them.

Another reason we love the F.Store, is because they include brands that align with our values. New Zealand favourites Emma Lewisham, Sans Ceuticals, Australian botanical powers, Janesce, MV Skintherapy, Maaemo, and Biologi, alongside international pioneers in natural skincare; Tata Harper and Josh Rosebrook, to name a few.

Ashleigh Scott founded The Facialist in 2014 to encompass her extensive experience in the international skincare industry with an innate understanding of wellness and healing. It is a place where Ashleigh and her team deliver lustrous skin, restorative experiences, and targeted results. This is the perfect place to seek advice, help, and learn more about skincare and what works best for you.

Alongside the launch of F.Store, The Facialist City Works Depot space and the home for her growing brand has been lovingly coined, F.Studio. The space is chic, modern and instantly relaxing, your calm sanctuary nestled in the middle of the chaos of the city.

Visit for your complete beauty experience.