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Real life love stories:

Congratulations! We’re delighted to have the opportunity to feature the story of your special day in print and we appreciate your support so much.

To help us tell your story perfectly - and accurately - please fill in the following information where applicable

Its lovely to be able to credit the hard working and talented vendors

Please disable gallery passwords and download pins. It makes our lives so much easier. And after all we are about to put these images on the internet for everyone to see.

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Please answer the following in as much detail as possible. Write from your own perspective, using the first person ‘I’. Sometimes both members of a couple will tell the story, sometimes just one. It’s really helpful if you clarify which one of you is contributing which comment by starting your comment with your initials.


Please we do ask that you don’t submit your wedding to any other magazines or blogs until 12 weeks after the magazine issue you are featured in has left the shelf. Every real wedding that is in the magazine will also be featured on our social channels, and published on our website within the 12 week period that follows the lifecycle of the issue your wedding was in. After this exclusive timeframe has passed we are more than happy for you to share the wedding with any other publications or blogs. Publication on your own website, blog, social media channels etc. is absolutely fine. We do select a real wedding image for our front and back cover each issue. Upon submitting your images, you are giving us official permission to use them across our print and digital platforms. Selection of what content goes into features is at the decision of the Editor, we don’t send layouts for approval. Please make sure that the images you and your photographer submit are all images you are happy with being featured. We don’t make the decision on what wedding or image will be on our cover until the very last minute each quarter, but we wanted you to know that you could be in with a chance to be our cover couple! WE reveal this after we print and just before the issue is on the shelf so it is a surprise to the market, couple and photographer. It makes a lovely wedding keepsake. Good luck!

Also please, this is super important: Please make 100% sure you have gained the permission of your photographer or of the couple featured in the wedding before you submit to Together Journal.

By completing and returning this form both the couple and the photographer are giving Together Journal permission to publish and feature images in our printed magazine, our magazine cover as well as our annual book publication. You are also giving permission for images to be published on our website and social media platforms.

Once again we couldn’t be happier to have your wedding featured with us. Thank you.

Image specs for print:

  • Images must be big enough to be printed full A4 page at 300dpi – as an absolute minimum
  • Images need to be 300dpi. Please don’t send 72 Dpi.
  • Please send between 100 to 150 images which take us through from getting ready to the reception.
  • Please don’t send us over 200 images.

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