Together Loves La Lune Cinema

Honestly, it’s hard, really hard to find the right cinematography company to capture your wedding. There is an abundance of magical still’s photographers out there but modern cinematographers are a lot more scarce. That’s why we wanted to introduce you to Joel Colthorpe of La Lune Cinema…

Tell us about what you do and how it came about:

What we really do is point a video camera at moments, and people having moments, but I’ve also heard it called “wedding cinematography”. It’s been a weird journey that has given me a lot of amazing moments back in return but how it started was, in 2007, a friend said to me “Hey!” and I said “yeah?” and then he said “we should make wedding videos on the weekend” and then I was like… “OK”. I’d been making some short films at the time and it was quickly decided that we were not going to make the point and shoot style wedding videos that were all the rage at the time (psst…no one was raving about them) but we wanted to do work that was more like the short films I’d been working on, where the focus was heavily on the storytelling and not just about shoving pictures of what happened on a tape. Eventually, it was just me but I now have an awesome team in the place of my founding friend. 

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What makes you and your work unique:

I always have the same answer to this because I strongly believe that the most, or only, unique thing about any person’s work is the fact that they made it – and only they can be them. So I don’t know whether my personal perspective on this thing called “love” is crap or great, but it’s the way I see it I guess, and so I tend to showcase the things that I personally find beautiful or moving or that I think hold weight. It’s the same reason anybody’s work looks the way it does.

Where in the world would you most like to shoot and why? 

Iceland….just kidding lol. I would actually love to shoot a tribal wedding. I’d take Bolivia or Peru if I had my pick, I just love the idea of documenting such an ancient ceremony.

Rules or words you live by:

“The highest purpose of art is to inspire. What else can you do? What else can you do for anyone but inspire them?”- Bob Dylan. Thanks Bob.

Any artists, musicians, writers etc. who inspire or influence your work? 

In an indirect way, Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac….or that whole bloody band to be honest! Mick Fleetwood has a saying that is simply “play on” which he talks about in his book. I think what I draw from that, him, and from the band, is that despite all the insane drama they just kept playing, and I like that because they created something beautiful.

To see more of Joel’s incredible work visit the La Lune website or Instagram feed. or check them out on our directory Volcanic Sunday Wedding Films & La Lune Cinema