Here we have the top five online weddings for June 2020 for your viewing pleasure. All are incredibly beautiful and uniquely personal in their own modern way. Congratulations to the top five for June!

  1. Annie + Sam by Moonflower

Above all, Sam and I wanted our day to feel completely authentic to us as a couple and as low key as possible without compromising the reverence of the celebration. Read more here

2. Ellie + Sam by Moira West

I’ve always believed that Liam and I are the epitome of the saying ‘opposites attract’, as we could not be less alike. Whereas Liam is all things sports, outdoors and social, I am the homebody who will always have her nose in some historical romance novel or cooped up in front of the computer studying. Read more here

3. Kirsty + Sebastian by Stephanie Halpin

I, Kirsty am a Graphic Designer and Sebastian is an Underground Mechanical Fitter. We went to school together but never really noticed each other until our mid 20’s when our paths crossed again. Read more here

4. Soshanna + Hori

I wore a beautiful gown from Spell & the Gypsy Collective (Bridal) called the Casablanca Lace Halter Gown in off White. Absolutely Stunning. The fit, the way it slipped on and the finishing of it all was beautiful. I specifically chose this dress mainly because of the train, it had a real vintage vibe to it and the detailing on it was perfection. Read more here

5. Sonali + Matt by Emily Adamson

Matt works in Marketing and I am a Project Manager in the Construction/Property industry – we are Wellingtonians born and bred and I think what’s crazy and amazing all at the same time is that for the most part we’ve been subtlely in each others lives for a very long period – it just took us time to officially meet and link up. Read more here