Crane Brothers & Muck Floral for Valentine’s


The clever folk at Crane Brothers have partnered with Muck Floral this Valentines day allowing Auckland’s most dapper gentlemen to peruse the latest in refined menswear whilst also taking care of their Valentines day requirements. So why not send your boyfriend, fiance or husband off to buy a new ensemble this Valentines weekend. It might just bring out his romantic side. More on this wonderful collaboration below…

Crane Brothers have partnered with Muck Floral to offer Auckland-based clients the opportunity to purchase pre-made, hand-picked floral bouquets from the Crane Brothers High Street store. Bouquets will be available to purchase on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th February.

“Sophie Wolanski, from Muck, is an artist whose medium is flowers. She is disrupting the floral industry with her unique approach; she favours a “structural and natural aesthetic” – pairing blooms with greenery and foliage she projects a homage to flowers in their natural state.
In addition to the beautiful valentines bouquets, Crane Brothers have also commissioned Muck Floral to produce some one off button holes. These button holes are only available to order via Muck,and will be delivered to the Crane Brothers High Street store for collection.

The floral button hole can be a really lovely and simple way to dress up a suit for any occasion. The races, a wedding, a valentine dinner date, and like most things there are traditions and rules around how they can be worn. We like the idea of breaking those rules so we have commissioned Muck Floral to produce some button holes.” Murray Crane