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Together Journal talks trends, and how they translate to weddings, with The Block winner and interiors extraordinaire Alex Walls of Alex & Corban

What are some trends you’re seeing and loving that can be translated into weddings?
Greenery: Adding plants into your living spaces has really become such a strong trend there are almost no limits to where and when the trend applies. You can easily translate this trend into a wedding setting with hanging planters, assortments of succulents on trays, large greenery wreaths for the table or even just a range of amazing ferns and large banana leaves in vases.

Fringing and tassels: A Moroccan/bohemian style can easily translate to a wedding setting. Add fringing and tassels to seating arrangements, wall hangings or even have them hanging above tables for a dreamy boho look.

Metallics: We can’t seem to shake the metallic trend! Just don’t make it the kind where you smother a room by filling it with shiny metallic pieces that attract all the magpies – instead just add really subtle touches of metallic to your scene to create a really elegant feel. For example, you could have something as simple as brass or copper napkin rings and a couple of brass candle holders on the banquet tables.

Favourite items for a wedding table…
A long wreath down the centre of the table that waterfalls over the edge of the tables.

A wild, dark and moody colour palette for florals and table settings. Try mixing a dark dinner plate with black or metallic cutlery and plates, muted charcoal or grey table linen and then an amazingly wild floral arrangement.

Sheepskins and hides on the seating at the bridal table.

Handmade ceramics for the plates and serving dishes.

An army of candle holders and candles! Try an assortment of different candle sizes and in slightly variant tones of whites and greys, set in an assortment of candle holders in different shapes and sizes. Also loving a pile of candles displayed on beautiful brass trays.

Favourite colour for the season and where/how to use…
My absolute favourite colours this year have all been really moody. Dark aubergine purples matched with pale pastels and greys and accents of brass. Or a really dark, dark green highlighted with brass. You can tie these colours into the floral arrangements for the bridal party and table displays, with an array of beautiful antique brass platters, votives, tableware and candle holders to lighten up the tones.

What was something from your own wedding that was really successful?
Our wedding was in the height of summer and held on a big empty stretch of grass in Whananaki by the beach. I’d found some beautiful dried banksia flowers at Bhana Brothers in Ponsonby, and to create the bouquets and table arrangements we spent a few days collecting wild flowers and foliage from the Northland fields, which ended up creating the most interesting and amazing arrangements. The reception was set in a marquee, but the overall feel of the day was pretty relaxed and that translated down to the eating arrangements. We had a ‘make your own salad/sandwich bar’ where we created little recyclable dinner packs with instructions to reduce the need for clean up.

Quick/easy tips for wedding décor?
Before you do anything… choose one colour palette, and stick to it throughout all your décor for the wedding. One simple colour palette will mean that your décor is simple and easier for you in the planning process. Make sure you decide at the beginning and keep it consistent throughout all of your plans.

Wild flowers. Pick your own wild flowers or even foliage for table displays and floral arrangements.

Make your own napkins. You can save on hiring fees by just cutting down a nice, soft piece of linen for napkins, then find a napkin ring or tie to go around them for display.

Hang some beautiful statement lights above the bridal table or in the centre of the reception area for instant ambience.

Plan for a shared meal, where the meal is brought to the guests on large platters. This reduces the need to plan for huge table displays, and instead the food will do all the talking.

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