Karen Walker Atelier

 The preeminent New Zealand fashion designer has finally crumbled and offered her many fans the bridal collection they have been asking her for, including an extraordinary fine jewellery collection.

Gift Wishlist Issue 13

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01. Smeg Mixer from Mildred & Co  02. Citta throws from Paper Plane  03. Deadly Ponies Zorro briefcase in Khaki  04. Parfait glasses from Mildred & Co 05. Citta robes from Paper Plane  | 06. Couple’s yoga mats from Paper Plane 07. Westney Rhind print from Paper Plane 08. Glasswear from Mildred & Co  09. Linden Leaves In Bloom … Read more

Boom, Boom, Bloom by MAC Cosmetics

M.A.C Cosmetics has launched their latest limited-edition ‘Boom, Boom, Bloom’ collection.  Inspired by the Springtime blossom of the Japanese Sakura tree, the collection is a blend of new shades and palettes, as well as iconic products that have been repackaged and redesigned complete with an uplifting cherry blossom scent.

Objects of Desire Issue 13

Cushla Whiting, Sutcliffe, Zoe & Morgan, Crane Brothers, Bario Neal, Monarc, Meadowlark, Jewellers Workshop, Creeps & Violets, Julia De Ville, World, Sam Dunn, Sarah & Sebastian

Bridal Party Gifts

01. Nuori Vital Unifier from World | 02. Zoe & Morgan You Are My Sunshine earrings  | 03. AliceMade This cufflinks from Crane Brothers | 04. Aqua Di Parma body cream from Smith & Caughey’s | 05. Rouge G de Guerlain Collector Lipstick from Smith & Caughey’s | 06. Monogram flats by Glosserie | 07. Cire Trudon Maduraï candle from … Read more

Occasion Styling – Oceania

Against cloud-filled skies and endless ocean views, a timeless scene of joy, theatre and celebration unfolds. Powder blues, creamy whites and dabs of deep green foliage echo the landscape’s palette and mood….

Dressing Room Issue 13

Beauty—For this elevated natural beauty look, Votary Facial Oil is used as base skincare. With its blend of Rose Maroc and Sandalwood essential oils, it’s perfect for replenishing dehydrated skin.

Summer Shoe Edit by Chaos & Harmony

01. Freedom Gold Lines—Ideal for anyone who craves a longer leg-line, these brushed gold beauties will have you looking stylish while also adding extra inches. Those who opt for a shorter hemline may like to add the detachable flower, for an extra touch of detail….

Zoe & Morgan – Newmarket

Zoe, tell us about your beautiful new Zoe & Morgan store in Newmarket… Our business has grown so much over the last few years, we needed to create a space to be able to connect with customers, in a very friendly manner. We wanted a little bit of privacy and a feeling of being at … Read more