Wedding Stationery Trends Unveiled

Geometric shapes and personalised menu cards: this year’s biggest wedding stationery trends unveiled

A toppling lemon and elderflower cake? Tick! Not one but two wedding gowns? Tick! Bouquets for the bridal party? Double tick!

When planning a wedding, there’s a whole host of small details to cross from your to-do list.

So much so, it’s often easy to overlook the first (and last) token of your big day that guests will see: the wedding stationery.

From charming ‘save the date’ cards and signage to beautifully penned ‘thank you’ notes, stationery plays the lead role in telling every love story.

So choosing a suite which perfectly articulates your romance, theme and personality is important.

Thankfully, Together Journal spoke to three leading stationery companies about the emerging trends of 2021 from geometric place names to the rise in digital invitations.

Hey Lola!

hey lola!

On an unapologetic mission to inject some fun into the all-too-predictable world of wedding invitations is Hey Lola!

Born out of New Zealand, the Auckland-based brand offers bespoke invitations, stationery and website design services for the “daring and kick-ass” lovers out there. 

From the delightfully named ‘Pass the Margarita’ to the ‘Cha Cha Cha’, we’re talking joyful creations designed to make guests smile. 

We chatted to founder Tyne Hesselgrave to find out what’s trending in the stationery sphere right now...

Geometric shapes

“There is definitely a trend for arch-shaped stationery – table menus, name cards, bar menus…

wedding stationery

It’s something a little bit different from your standard stationery suite and the curves have a very soft, luxe and fun feel to them.

Other shapes are also making an appearance such as geometric silhouettes and circles. There’s also been a rise in the layering of shapes and stationery items. For example, layering your menu and place name so they work together as one.”

Let’s get personal

“Personalising stationery such as including guests names on their menus adds a fun personal touch.”

stationery trends

Wedding invitations go digital

“There is also a trend emerging where couples use e-invitations and wedding websites. This is something we’ve particularly noticed this year.

wedding stationery

Wedding websites can easily be updated and can be accessed on any device from anywhere at any time.

wedding stationery

It makes it really easy to keep your guests updated while they can also do things like RSVP, add dietary requirements and see recommended accomodation.”


Single-handedly reigniting the excitement that can be found in wedding stationery for both sender and receiver is Jem&I.

The Melbourne-based studio believes that every design move should be with purpose and is committed to thinking outside of the “cookie-cutter” world of wedding invitations.

Jem&I wedding stationery

Think wonderfully bespoke suites carefully crafted using contemporary typography, colour trends and rich, textured papers.

We spoke to designer and mastermind behind Jem&I, Sorrel Swincer, to find out what’s trending in the stationery sphere right now. 

A rise in minimalism

“Gone are the days of over-the-top, complicated designs.

Jem&I wedding stationery

This season’s wedding stationery is contemporary, refined and romantic with room to breathe.”

Romantic silhouettes

“Our couples are loving modern typographic designs, arch shapes, minimal floral illustrations and warm colour palettes.”


Designs get playful

“After the year we’ve had, couples are wanting to be more lighthearted with headings and copy for their ‘day of’ stationery.

Jem&I wedding stationery

For example, wedding signage and menus have personalised monograms which adds that final touch.”

Sunday Nude

Sunday Nude believes there’s beauty in simplicity. Bringing a whole new meaning to minimal design, there’s joy to be found in every detail.

Well-versed in all corners of the wedding world, the Gold Coast studio crafts stationery that will complements your big day from bespoke ‘save the date’ cards to day-of signage.

sunday nude wedding stationery

Expect premium print and letterpress techniques using luxe artisan card stock.  

A one-stop-shop for the modern couple. 

We spoke to Rachel, the designer and creative behind Sunday Nude, to find out what’s trending in the stationery sphere right now… 

Arches are the new black

“We’ve seen a lot of shapes introduced in 2020 but one that is not going anywhere is the arch. 

sunday nude wedding invitiations

Printers have jumped on board and have been creating arch die cuts in every size – even half arches, double arches, half moons…

There are so many to choose from.

sunday nude wedding stationery

I love to play around with typography and illustration to incorporate the shape into the design.”

Creative layering

“We are going to see a lot more creativity from designers incorporating layering into invitation suites, menus and signage in the coming months.

sunday nude wedding stationery

This will come hand-in-hand with a combination of arch shapes and sizes.”

Earthy tones and textures

“Think nudes and stone hues paired with metals such as gold and bronze. 

We are starting to see a lot more recycled paper and handmade cotton rag used for stationery too, which adds some texture.”

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