Michaela McBride Calligraphy

When it comes to calligraphy and custom stationery design for weddings and special events, Michaela McBride is the go-to expert.

Michaela offers a full range of services, working with all kinds of unique materials and papers. The interesting part? Michaela actually got started in the calligraphy and wedding stationery world after her own wedding back in 2015. Since then, even though she is based in New Zealand, she has become one of the best and most in-demand wedding calligraphers in the world. People just can’t get enough of her incredible work, and we can see why; the weddings she works on and the designs she creates are simply stunning! Read through our recent interview with Michaela below and get lost in the dreamy weddings and imagery.

Tell us a little about what you do your journey to get to where you are now. 
I offer full-service calligraphy and customised stationery design for weddings and other special events. This includes working with lots of speciality materials such as handmade papers & wax seals etc., as well as luxury printing methods such as letterpress & foil.
I got started in calligraphy & wedding stationery after our wedding in 2015 – I’ve always loved paper, and my skill set was very much in design/creativity, so this felt like a very natural transition. 

What makes your style of stationery so unique? 
I have always gravitated towards a very classic and timeless aesthetic, which is very much a reflection of 
my own personal preferences and style! I love items which hold sentimental value, which is very much 
how I view stationery, being the first tangible item guests receive for a wedding day.
I love offering bespoke processes and materials as well as custom sketches & calligraphy, which have become what MMC is known for. 

Do you have a favourite stationery job to date that you have worked on? Why did you love it so much?

I recently worked with an amazing Nevada-based wedding planner for a totally customised suite for their clients, which featured a custom-shaped velvet pocket, foil printing on handmade paper, silk tassels, handwritten calligraphy envelopes & vintage postage. It really pushed the boundaries in terms of the methods and materials that I generally work with – it was so rewarding to see those come together so beautifully for the couple! This particular project also just won the New Zealand Printing Awards (for letterpress); they said it was one of the finest examples ever seen – so that was certainly the icing on the cake for this special project! See below two images…

What trends are you noticing in the world of stationery? 

Currently, I’m really loving seeing and working with card shapes outside of the usual square/rectangle – I’ve had some fun projects recently that have incorporated some completely unique/custom shapes (fun scallops and uniquely shaped tags), and it just adds to the wow-factor of the suite. I’m also seeing a real gravitation towards luxury print methods and mixing these together, for instance, a mix of embossing (this is raised) and foil printing, or digital and foil, together within one piece. This makes for such interesting and detailed stationery.

What or who inspires you in your work? What or who do you look to for inspiration?
I draw a lot of inspiration from old-world designs, artworks and architecture – I love antique artworks and often work with these to help evoke warmth and depth into my pieces. 

What IG accounts do you follow, and why do you love them?
I really love @truffypi for incredibly detailed and unique stationery, @floraisondesignco@carleighcoureydesign for their beautiful approach to sketching and drawing and @lightanddwell and @stevecordony for their amazing homes and designs! We’ve been recently renovating our early 1900 villa, and I’ve been loving leaning into classic design in this process! 

To find out more about Michaela or to enquire about her stationery services, visit the below sites:
michaelamcbridecalligraphy.com or @mmcbridecalligraphy