Holly Medway Intrepid Weddings

Couples who want to get off the beaten track need a photographer who can keep up, even if that means hiking in the dark to catch the first light. Meet Holly Medway, who shoots truly intrepid destination weddings.

Marisa + Frank by Shardey Olynyk

It’s always just been easy between us; we have never felt like we have to try to be someone different to impress the other or hold back our weird side. We just understand each other, and that was special to find.

Hayley + Cam by Eilish Burt

We got to know each other, and the love grew naturally. I’m not sure there was one recognisable moment when I realised he was the one, more a series of little moments, but it was definitely early on.

Kaila + Joshua by Matt Rift

We both want to be the best versions of ourselves; this keeps us in a perpetual state of growth, both individually and as a couple, and that feeling is addictive.

Sarah + Jes by Hannah Benwell

After some cheese and a game of Uno, Sarah handed Jes a box filled with photos of their adventures and beloved cats, as well as a card popping the question!