Shaun + Sasha by Wildfolk Photography

After months on end living through Melbourne’s lockdown, not being able to leave our suburb or see anyone else but each other, this could kill a relationship, but we had so much fun and found we could be easily entertained just the two of us.

Sophie + Andy by Hollow & Co

We started drifting towards expensive yachts but fortunately someone from one of those yachts dived in to save us. We eventually found an intimate spot and I proposed.

Ariana + Thomas by Samantha Everly

We were fast friends who thought highly of one another and thought the other was cute/attractive, but we stayed friends until 2016, when Tommy finally confessed his feelings for Ari. The rest is history!

Seulbi + Jae by Chanmi Kim

Somewhere along the timeline of dating for 7 years, in the seemingly ordinary moments of walking the streets of West Village or grabbing a cup of coffee, we both thought, ‘I want to do the exciting and mundane things with this person for the rest of my life.’

Emma + Johnson by Wild & Grace

Our biggest joint hobby is socialising, we love spending time with our friends and family and celebrating every single milestone in life, we truly believe in celebrating the small stuff, this keeps us smiling!