Blooms of the Week – The Floral Stylist

kate's wedding bouquet Floral Stylist Auckland

This time we’ve combined soft and strong elements with delicate blush tones to create a lush, boho and ‘fresh from the garden’ feel.

Often we can’t get the foliage from the markets we need to create the look and feel that’s required, so we either have to grow it or source it from the growers… or forage from local neighbourhoods! Mostly leaving us feeling like part koala, part florist…

When put together with the more traditional garden roses and giant dahlias, golden finds like pink forget-me-nots, stephanotis vine and Chinese bee balm make this unique bouquet sing.

The ice-pink roses were tended to for days to get the perfect open look for this particular bouquet… anything for a happy bride!

Words and blooms by Sue at The Floral Stylist

close up kate's wedding bouquet Floral Stylist Auckland

close up kate's bouqeut 2 Floral Stylist Auckland