Ecoya’s Bouquet of Candles – Blush Flowers

TUBEROSE & FIG IN COLLABORATION WITH KELLY KARAM FROM BLUSH, AUCKLAND. Princess Diana loved freesias. Billie Holiday is synonymous with gardenias. Audrey Hepburn loved lily of the valley and for Edith Piaf, it was chrysanthemums. Certain owers have long held the power to communicate something very personal, and Ecoya, a luxury home fragrance brand, has … Read more

These Don’t Die – Issue 9

The fine art leanings of photographer Dion Robeson and dramatic juxtapositions of floral engineer Alicia Lowe capture a poetic mood. These floral masterpieces aim to approximate the detail and grandeur of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, telling an immortal story of everlasting love.