Blooms of the Week


This bouquet is the epitome of spring waking up. I imagine a spring garden wedding where everything is fresh and looks like it has just been picked!

There’s not much foliage in there but the hit of green comes from the viburnum, which has just come into season. It’s such a fun and fresh flower to use as its natural droopiness lends a lovely looseness and casual feeling to the bouquet.

Then I’ve just spotted through some tweedia, the beautiful Stars of Bethlehem and of course, white poppies. Nothing says fresh like green, white and yellow!

I’ve then tied it all together with hand-dyed silk from A La Robe. Elizabeth custom dyes these silks for me, which are just breathtaking. The weight and width allows them to flow so beautifully in the breeze making it the perfect piece to tie together any look.

Words, blooms and photos by Sophie at Muck Floral