Blooms of the Week


Our Blooms of the Week this week come from Lu Diamond Flowers, and feature white Vendella and pink sorbet Avalanche roses set in camellia and leather fern foliage.

“The inspiration for this bouquet was to keep it soft and romantic with out making it too busy and over complicated,” says florist Lucy Houghton. “Selecting only roses keeps it elegant in its simplicity – no floral is trying to compete with each other.”

“I’ve recently welcomed leather fern into the LDF studio with open arms. It’s a foliage that was tainted in the 1980s and 90s and definitely overlooked in recent years. It has a delicateness in its detail, which I love, and used with the right floral it’s quite pretty. Camellia foliage can do no wrong with its rich glossy leaves and branch structure.”

“Less is more (sometimes), and simplicity always wins.”