Blooms of the week – The Botanist


My 1.5 meter long bouquet took my breath away, I always wanted to be able to create my own wedding bouquet but as I was stuck up a Scissor lift it kinda became impossible, so my right hand wing woman Yvonne reconstructed my floral vision and put her amazing skills to work.

 The trailing bouquet consisted of stephanotis vine, ruscus Milano, King proteas, de la creme dahlias tuberose and foraged Goodies from my dear friends garden. It had (I feel) industrial drama with soft elegance and glided right beside me ever so gracefully.  It was a different story as I swung it around my head and threw it into the pit of many lovely ladies, it only made it a meter deep as it was so heavy!
I love the fact that it was unique and a little old school, wouldn’t of had it look any other way. X




the botanist

Words and Florals by Eden at The Botanist | Photography, Delena Nathuran