Blooms of the week – On My Hand


This bouquet was a special one, created for my best friends wedding. She’s a greenery freak and likes the unusual mixed with classics like roses and dahlias.

I set a nice base of milano ruscus, adding cafe au lait dahlias, black scabiosa, green roses and foraged pink Jasmine foliage ­(Thank you Titirangi!).

I’d luckily received hops flowers for this wedding and knew that they’d be one of the main features to the bouquet. She loves her beer. I placed a huge bunch at the front so they trailed towards the floor to accent her minimalistic dress.

This was my biggest bouquet to date, vines, layers and lots of movement and texture. I love making big bouquets for my brides and they do make for toned arms!

We finished it off with dove grey silk and willow ribbon.






Words and flowers by Shaye at On My Hand