Timeless French Minimalism

In the heart of Tours, the luxurious Les Trésorières hotel set the stage for an editorial that marries softness and poetry with the essence of minimalism.

This five-star establishment provided a stunning backdrop, elevating the concept of refined elegance to new heights.

The editorial unfolds as a visual symphony, each element curated to reflect a sense of understated luxury. It captures the allure of simplicity and the artistry of a minimalist wedding. Soft hues and muted tones dominated the palette, weaving an ethereal tapestry of sophistication, all expertly framed by Marie Thibault’s lens.

The carefully selected details paint a picture of modern romance with a touch of timeless grace. From the sleek lines of the venue’s architecture to the meticulously chosen decor, every aspect exudes an air of effortless beauty. The editorial team masterfully blends contemporary aesthetics with classic charm, offering a vision that resonates with those seeking a wedding celebration that transcends trends.

This minimalist editorial serves as an inspiration for couples envisioning a wedding that whispers rather than shouts, where every detail is a deliberate expression of refined taste. Against the backdrop of Les Trésorières, the pictures not only showcase the beauty of simplicity but also underscore the timeless allure of a celebration set within the embrace of a five-star hotel’s luxurious ambiance.

WEDDING PLANNER Hera & Harmonia, @hera_et_harmonia PHOTOGRAPHER Marie Thibault, @marie_weddingphotographer MODELS + AGENT Charlotte Lerelei, @charlotte.lorelei; Kevin Guillaume, @kev.g615 DECORATION – SIGN Les Mignonneries, @les_mignonneries HAIR Hemisp Hair, @hemisphair MAKEUP Stéphanie Chardon, @stephanie_c_makeup VENUE Les Trésorières, @lestresorieres FLORAL Domitille Atelier Floral, @domitilleatelierfloral GOWN Jesus Peiro, @jesuspeiroofficial BRIDAL SHOES Anniel, @annielofficial SUIT Montezemolo, @montezemolo_official GOWN & SUIT SHOP Mariées d’Aujourd’hui, @marieesdaujourdhui STATIONARY Les Bandits Papers, @lesbanditspapers CAKE Juliette Cake Design, @juliettecakedesign FILMMAKER Sylvain Morice, @sylvain.morice_videaste VASES & PLATES Camille Chaleil, @camillechaleil WEDDING RINGS Zeina Alliances, @zeina_alliances; Valérie Danenberg, @v.danenberg JEWELS Emma & Chloé, @emmaetchloe