Caitlin Crisp

It’s officially here! Caitlin Crisps redefining of the bridesmaid and occasion sector…

No doubt, you’ve likely already admired the enchanting vision of Caitlin Crisp‘s bridesmaid collection, prominently featured in issue 34 of Together Journal. Today marks the official launch-to-market of this eagerly awaited collection. New Zealand’s bridesmaid scene is poised for transformation with Caitlin Crisp‘s debut into ready-to-wear silk dresses.

Caitlin initially ventured into bridalwear during her inaugural year in business when a client sought a wedding dress crafted in her signature white linen. This venture naturally led to requests from friends for bespoke bridesmaid dresses. Following the feature of a particular wedding in Together Journal (Kate and Hamish), Caitlin Crisp was inundated with inquiries, signalling a clear market demand for Caitlin Crisp Bridesmaids.

To simplify the process, Caitlin Crisp made the strategic decision to transition from a made-to-order model to offering a range that provides brides and their maids with a broader spectrum of colours, styles, and sizes for their bridal parties to try on. The sumptuous silk has been specially dyed in a sublime selection of pastel shades to complement any wedding palette.

The bridesmaid collection debuts on Thursday, April 18th, featuring a generous nine colours across six exquisite designs. Catering not only to bridesmaids but also to contemporary wedding attendees and occasion seekers wanting a versatile silk slip that can be effortlessly worn again and again. So whether for a gala, graduation, or any type of special occasion, there is bound to be a style and a colour that will suit you perfectly.

Sizes range from 6 to 16, with additional custom sizing happily available upon request, ensuring that this beautiful Caitlin Crisp collection is as inclusive as versatile as possible.

For more information, see: | @caitlincrisp