Body-care brand Tronque launches to combat neck-down neglect

Beauty lovers have become experts when it comes to facial skincare, but the body is usually an afterthought. Tronque is against neck-down neglect and is on a mission to create a habitual ritual of everyday luxe skincare specifically for the body. 

New to the beauty industry, Tronque is here to challenge the status quo with a range of luxurious, clean, face-worthy skincare products created with every body in mind. Two years in the making, Tronque was developed following founder Tanné Snowden’s personal struggle with her reproductive health. Whilst recovering from surgery, Tanné found that her daily skincare products contained toxic ingredients proven to disrupt hormones and the human endocrine system. 

“At Tronque we celebrate the human form, and every body deserves products that look after it inside and out. Skincare means more than just your face – beauty is for head to toe and everything in between,” says Tanné”

Launching with three powerfully formulated products, a Firming Butter, Scar Concentrate and Exfoliating Serum, with the same levels of active ingredients as those in the most effective facial skincare regimes.

These body products would be perfect for Christmas gifting or engagement presents for a bride or groom to use in the lead up to the wedding for confident, hydrated and smooth skin all over.

The Rich as Croesus Firming Butter gives your body the intense, long-lasting moisture it deserves. Rich in vitamins, minerals, acids and enzymes, the firming butter renews elasticity and deeply revitalises dry damaged areas.

Soft Focus is a scar concentrate that softens the texture and look of scars, combating uneven pigmentation with four high potency forms of stable, deeply penetrating Vitamin C. 

Apply anywhere on the face or body, the non-irritating bi-phase formula intensely nourishes, rebuilds, reduces inflammation and fades stretch marks with powerful botanicals.

The Everyday Revelation Exfoliating Serum gently resurfaces and refines skin, from shoulders to shins without scrubbing, drying or irritation. A combination of natural ingredients provides a gentle chemical exfoliation and deep penetration through the skin barrier for optimum cell renewal.

All Tronque products are made from non-toxic, minimally processed, plant-based, organic ingredients.

“We are so excited to showcase Tronque for the first time. We have worked for two years to create products that suit every body, every age, every skin type, every gender, and we are thrilled to use clean and mostly New Zealand derived ingredients,” Tanné says.

With its philosophy of total transparency, from 2022 Tronque will use forever packaging, which will incorporate refills. The forever packaging allows the customer to buy the original vessel once and to top-up the product using refills. 

Tronque is available online via and select retailers nationwide (New Zealand). The range will also be available internationally in the USA and Europe from 2022.