Bookety Book Books – Your Late October Reading List

We’ve partnered with Mandy of the locally owned, indie Bookety Book Books to bring you fortnightly reviews and books that should move straight to the top of your reading list. Take a look at her picks for your late October list below…

Having and Being Had, by Eula Biss

“My adult life can be divided into two distinct parts,” Eula Biss writes, “the time before I owned a washing machine, and the time after.”  Author Eula examines a new value system she has brought herself into after her personal transformation from roaming artist to home-owning university lecturer, now living in a gentrified neighborhood. Having and Being Had, is a refreshingly honest account of the author’s life through the eyes of capitalism. The book is composed of cultural criticisms and essays, a page or two long, that explore privilege, luxury, consumption and the value of time.

I Feel Bad About My Neck, by Nora Ephron 

Nora Ephron was an acclaimed American journalist and I Feel Bad About My Neck, is a collection of her hilariously candid essays about aging and includes such helpful tips as, “never marry a man you wouldn’t want to be divorced from,” and “If the shoe doesn’t fit in the shoe store, it’s never going to fit.”

Kokomo by Victoria Hannan

Kokomo is the hit debut novel by Victoria Hannan – dubbed Australia’s answer to Sally Rooney’s Normal People. Mina returns home to Melbourne to find her Mum has left the house for the first time in twelve years, although she will not say why she has suddenly decided to up and get going once more. This book delves into the family’s secrets in this funny, tender and raw novel.

Bookety Book Books is a locally-owned, online indie bookshop. It’s THE book club of book clubs – a virtual sanctuary for the book-obsessed. Chosen to challenge and inspire, move and to shake, their collection of books are exclusively superb, but inclusively selected from a wide and wonderfully diverse range of authors from home and abroad. No need to leave your happy reading place, Bookety Book Books will deliver in smart and sustainable packaging straight to your door.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Mandy the founder of Bookety Book Books to bring our followers a regular reading list feature. Happy reading everyone!

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